kid showing symptoms of roseola
rashes of roseola
red rashes in the skin of a kid ,the cause of roseola
red rashes of roseola

Roseola also named measles is a common infectious viral disease that can cause rashes in babies and toddlers caused from one of the herpes group virus.Mainly spreads from one person to another through fluids that cough or sneeze.When Rosela starts the symptoms are very mild so the parents didn’t even realize their child is affected.So their is no chance of consulting a doctor.It spread to others easily as they are contagious before the symptoms appear.Symptoms may be a high temperature lasts to 1 week and after it become normal red rashes will develop on the body eventually spread to the arms and legs.It is rare in face and last only 2 days turns to skin color when pressed which is painless and harmless.The other version of roseola didn’t make rashes but temperature will be high that usually concerns the parents but hopefully it is not serious.There is no vaccination for roseola but we can care our younger ones from home with perfect hygiene.Give them needed amount of fluid like juice ,breast milk and watermelon to keep them dehydrated.If the temperature is higher give them paracetamol not antibiotics with small dosage to reduce irritation.If there is any discomfort or situation where rashes can’t turn into skin color if it is pressed.But have to consult the doctor immediate if the kid is lethargic ,ignoring fluids,having convulsion and cold that last 48 hours.In case of situation is worse call ambulance immediately because if child hasn’t wake up after convulsion or seem really sick,it may be sighs of meningococcal infection.

To avoid this awkward situations
keep perfect hygiene around home.keep fresh and clean fluid in their diet.provide them with maximum personal hygiene and help them to keep up.