Gastroenteritis is an infectious virus or bacteria.The infection causes the results like vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps,low grade fever, and poor appetite will leads to dehydration.The causing virals are categorizes as Norovirus,Rotavirus,astrovirus and adinovirus.Rotavirus is the causing virus worlwide. gastroenteritis spread mainly through contacts or children who have had it or who have been exposed to it,as they are very contagious spreads from child to child.It rearly causes from allergic conditions.In most situation gastroenteritis spreads by fecal-oral transmission and by through
Fecal-oral transmission is the usual way that viral gastroenteritis spreads by touching objects with contaminated tools by infected viruses.child who touch the contaminated object and then put their hands and fingers in and near their mouth may get infected by the virus.Also virus can spread by sneezing and spitting.Luckily vaccines were introduced to remove the gastroenteritis caused by rotavirus.Norovirus easily spread from one person to another who is in contact with contaminated water.Astrovirus usually infects infants and young kids in winter mostly through fecal-oral transmission.Adenovirus affects toddlers and infants.Infection can occur year round and chances of increase in summer.There is a bunch of bacteria that causing gastroenteritis are Escherichia, salmonella, campylobacter,shigella,yersinia,clostridium difficile.As we researching the possibilities of spreading these contagious disease we find out these ways:

~Eating polluted shellfish:

~Drinking unpasteurized milk or fluids.

~Mingling with animals that carry certain bacteria causes diarrehea.

~By swalloing unsaturated and polluted water from wells,ponds,swimming pools,water parks,backwaters, streams and from other sources like borewells.

. Norovirus and astrovirus are simimilar but adenovirus cause diarrhea one to two weeks and cause only mild vomiting lasts only two days.

Gastroenteritis also affects from ingesting chemical toxins from plants like poisonous mushrooms and exotic seafood.The other possible way is consuming fluids and solids that containing chemicals such as arsenic,lead,mercury and cadmium. of such Children also can develop gastroenteritis after drinking water or eating food that is contaminated by chemicals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, or cadmium.

According to babies the disease consequences is severe than toddlers.If the baby is vomiting continues several hours and doesn’t had a wet diaper in six hour immediately consult a doctor.And also if the kid is suffering from diarrhea and had a fontanel on the top of the head,have dry mouth,cries without tears , sleepy,drowsy and unresponsive.