ear infection showing diagram
ear infection showing diagram
ear infection diagram
ear infection diagram

Ear infection also called otitis media is caused by bacteria that appear when fluid builds up behind the eardrum.infection causes middle year inflammation,though kids get ear infection more often than adults.This infection causes to children many time due to fever,cough and sneezing.The most affected ear infection among children is acute otitis media(AOM). The symptoms of this infection are infected, swollen middle year and fluid is trapped behind the eardrum.As a result kid might have a fever accompanied by ear ache.
The second most common otitis media with effusion(OME) is caused when the infection runs it’s course and fluid stays behind the eardrum .

The second most common otitis media with effusion(OME) is caused when the infection runs it’s course and fluid stays behind the eardrum.A docter with special instrument can found and clear the fluid.
Chronic otitis media with effusion(OME) is an ear infection in the situation where fluid remains in the middle ear for a long time and returns over and over again but there will be no infection.So it is a severe problem for a baby because the deposition of fluid will affect the child hearing ability.The main causes are trouble in balancing and responding to sounds .Other symptoms are tugging the ear,crying,sneezing ,trouble sleeping and hearing,fever and fluid draining from the ear.The eardrum is the membrane that separates the outer ear from the middle year.Pinna ,the outer ear includes curved flap of the ear leads down to earlobe that includes ear canal extends to the eardrum.Infection occur in the middle ear between innear ear and eardrum.The nearby parts like eustachian tube can also affect infection.It is small passage way connecting middle year to upper part of the throat.The function of eustachian tube is to pass fresh air to middle ear,drain fluid and balance the pressure level between the nose and ear.

To prevent ear infection we have to look after the child to avoid mingling with people who smoke or using harmful substances.Personal Hygiene and going bed with a bottle is helpful but there is will be a chance of infection,if the antibiotics are not working the next possible way is the surgical procedure.In surgery we place a narrow ventilation tube in the eardrum to increase ear flow and anticipate fluid backup in the middle year.The tubes stays for six to nine months and need follow-through visits until they fall out . if the surgery is not effective consult a doctor to remove the adenoids to stop infection from extending to the eustachian tube.

To prevent against this infection vaccination is an effective remedy.Don’t forget to vaccine every year with 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine(PCV13).PCV13 will protest against the viral causing bacteria effectively than previous vaccine PCV7.If the children already vaccine PCV7 can consult the doctor and transits to PCV13.By starting from the month of 2 to toddlers have to be vaccinated ,recommended by CDC(The center for Disease Control and Preventation).Vaccination is compulsory for children in daycare.

injecting medicine into ear
injecting medicine
ear infection
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