Diseases are common in childhood, both infectious and non infectious.They are categorized as they three sections Common,rare and severe diseases.In the section Diseases describes about different Common diseases that affects infants to five year old.Common disease can affected by both viral and bacterial infectious.Like common cold some are chosen to be less concerned.Allergic and immunologic illnesses can be affected rapidly but can treat properly.for eg:- ear infection is affected to kids always after they get three times a fever.Gastroenteritis is another common infectious viral disease that causes vomiting,fever and diarrhea.Toddlers are affected by Respiratory synytical Virus that causes to lungs and have fever similar to common cold.cough and throat pain are the after affects by streptococcus bacteria is another common diseases mostly affected to toddlers.We know that children have less hygiene unless we are compelled them to stay cleaned.stomach ache is affected in the absence of hygiene of surrounding or ourselves.stomach bug is a viral infection that causes abdominal pain,fever and diarrhea.Roseola is an infectious viral diseases that spreads from one person to another causes rashes,fever and sneeze.Kept them nutrition rich as they are vital for staying healthy for avoiding contagious diseases.Feed infants with breast milk instead of other fluids except water this will avoid affecting infectious disease.