By looking to the past two decades an estimated 6.3 million toddlers and children were died, mostly from preventable causes.The unexpected deaths of these youngest ones is mostly due to the diseases and their unnoticed after effects.As the result of progress of the science world the chance of survival has increased fairly from 2000 of all ages,mostly the children of ages 1 to 4. Earlier deaths of kids under 5 may be due complications during birth, pneumonia, diarrhea, neonatal sepsis,malaria, But now a days it is far better.These conditions were more preventable and curable.

The diseases of kids are similar to those of the adult but also have differences.Certain specific disorders such as precocious puberty will affect only to kids in the other hand such as acute nephritis—inflammation of the kidney are common in child and infrequent in adults.Some diseases that are common in adults are rare in kids like hypertension and gout.Mainly pediatric care concerns the treatment and prevention of congenital anomalies, both functional and structural.
Physical and mental well being of the child is a major factor of improving their health and avoiding diseases.Being vulnerable and childhood violence will affect them badly.As a step ahead nurture them with care and love to build them a better future.Thrive them to transform health and survive.To promote a sustainable and potential society we have to invest in earlier childhood to remove poverty and inequality.Many authenticated organizations in world wide provided many services to ensure the health of children by all means.

This page gives a basic information about the illness that cause our children from babies including toddlers to five years old.We consider it us our best opportunities to pave your way to prevent and fight against the diseases to keep safe our younger ones.